Nov 19, 2023 | Nouns Proposal 218

We planned and executed a multi-faceted signange campaign, including stickers and posters inside gondolas, at gondola stations and in 2 of the on-mountain restaurants. All signage was designed in collaboration with Ripe (Warpcast | 𝕏/Twitter) and installed early 2023 after our proposal’s success and will continue to be displayed throughout the upcoming Winter season into 2024.

We’ve already seen some organic discovery being shared on socials.
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We’re collecting data via QR code scans which currently lead to an onboarding page in both Japanese and English. The QR codes are dynamic and we can change what they link to at any time which may prove beneficial for events throughout the upcoming season. We’re collecting stats from all scans which will be presented at the end of the engagement.




Gondola Signage



60 x 16cm stickers in 247 gondolas at the heart of the resort, connecting East and West Mountains. With an average of 9 minutes travel time per gondola trip, a 6,000 person carrying capacity per hour, and operating daily from 9am-4pm, these are sure to capture people’s imagination while they’re at the resort.
[image - gondola signage pics or collage]




Gondola Station Signage



168 x 119cm signs at 3 gondola station lift lines provide large format visuals to skiers and snowboarders before riding gondolas.
[image - station signage pics or collage]




Restaurant Signage



We had some very large prints made for 2 of the on-mountain restaurants which represent 60% of the resort’s daytime food and beverage activity and are visited by almost every person on the mountain.
[image - restaurant pics or collage]