Nouns DAO & Alps DAO Presents...

A journey into the nouniverse!

Nouns DAO & Alps DAO Presents...

A journey into the nouniverse!

Thanks to the success of proposal 218 submitted to Nouns DAO, we’re excited to introduce you to the world of Nouns, Alps and our unique collaboration with Rusutsu Resort, Japan’s 4-time winner of the Best Ski Resort. Throughout 2023/24, we’ll be immersing you in an incredible adventure, bringing Nouns to life through various IRL activations, interactive experiences, and engaging activities at the resort. We invite you to dive deep into the Nouniverse, connect with our vibrant community, and discover the endless possibilities of creativity, innovation, and collaboration that await you. Embrace the nounish spirit and join us on this exciting journey!

Introducing Nouns DAO and Alps DAO

Nouns DAO and Alps DAO are two unique and promising organizations in the crypto space that empower their members to creatively shape their future together.

By owning a Noun or an Alp (a token), you not only hold a unique digital asset but also gain voting power within the respective DAO. This means you have a say in how the organization evolves and how its resources are allocated. It also allows you to submit your own proposals! What will you propose?

Behold, an infinite work of art! Nouns is a community-owned brand that makes a positive impact by funding ideas and fostering collaboration. From collectors and technologists, to non-profits and brands, Nouns is for everyone.

Embracing the Nouns open source brand, Alps brings an alpine twist. A growing community within a passionate subculture of alpine lifestyle enthusiasts that collectively decide how to spend their own shared treasury.

Why Join a DAO?


Joining a DAO can provide access to financial resources, as well as expertise, mentorship, and networks, that can validate a project’s value and propel it forward plus opportunities to learn from others and gaining new perspectives.


DAOs fosters collaboration, resource pooling, knowledge sharing, and inclusivity among members, enabling every individual to contribute to the success of the organization, resulting in greater collective impact.

Fund Your Ideas

Joining a DAO offers financial benefits by providing members with the opportunity to propose and secure funding for their innovative ideas, leveraging the collective resources and support of the community.


DAOs operate globally on blockchain technology, providing secure and transparent transactions and communication, allowing members to participate in governance and decision-making from anywhere in the world.

How to Join a DAO

A common misconception is that you MUST own a token to participate in a DAO, but you don’t necessarily need to own a token to get involved in the community and contribute. However, owning a token gives you full access to participate in governance and submit proposals. You can also participate like an owner if another owner delegates their voting power to you.

Let’s walk through the process to becoming a full fledged DAO member and contributor.

Get a Wallet

First thing you’ll need is an ETH wallet! You can choose from many different ones, but an easy one to start with is 1inch.

1. Visit the 1inch Wallet website ( and download the app for your device (iOS or Android).

2. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new wallet.

3. Securely store your seed phrase (12 words), as this is the only way to recover your wallet if you lose access.


Buy ETH and Fund Your Wallet

You can buy ETH right inside some wallets like 1inch, or you can sign up on an exchange to purchase ETH and then send it to your wallet.

1. Open the 1inch Wallet app on your mobile device.

2. Tap the “Assets” tab at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap the “+” button next to Ethereum (ETH) to buy ETH.

4. Select a provider (e.g. MoonPay) and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your ETH purchase.


Choose a DAO

We’re showcasing Nouns DAO and Alps DAO here, 2 separate but complimentary DAOs. Once you have decided which one you would like to join, you can connect your wallet to the auction site and get ready to bid on your first Noun or Alp token.


Connect Your Wallet

If you’re using 1inch as we’ve mentioned, you will be able to go to the auction site either inside the wallet app using the built-in browser or you can visit on a desktop.

Inside the app, you can simply press the “Connect” button on the DAO site and then select “MetaMask” (1inch mimics a MetaMask connection).

On a desktop or separate device, you can select the “Wallet Connect” option which will display a QR code for you to scan using your 1inch wallet. In your wallet, there is a little scan button in the top right corner to bring up the scanner.

You will see your wallet/profile on the website when you’re connected. This is how you log in to the site, no emails or personal information shared at all.


Place a Bid

Now that you’re connected and have ETH in your wallet, you can place a bid! Simply put in the price you’re willing to pay (in ETH) and submit your bid. You will be asked to confirm the transaction in your wallet and will pay a small gas fee (transaction fee) to place the bid. Once your transactions is confirmed (usually within a few seconds), you will see your bid show up on the auction site and you’ll be the highest bidder! Yay!


Settle The Auction

Ok, so the auction is ending, if things heat up, you will need to place another bid to stay in the lead. Everytime someone outbids you, your original bid amount gets returned to your wallet so you can bid again.

Congrats! The auction is finished and you won! Now depending on which DAO you won an auction in, there will be slightly different experiences.

Nouns DAO
When an auction finishes at Nouns DAO, you don’t NEED to do anything, settlement will be taken care of in most cases. We actually play a game called FOMONOUNS that settles the auction for winners. This is where you have the chance to influence what the next noun that goes to auction will look like. And right after FOMONOUNS is over, we play another game called NOMONOUNS where we rescue our favourite noun that almost got minted, but didn’t quite make it. You can do all of this on one simple interface at NOMO.WTF

Alps DAO
When an auction finishes at Alps DAO, someone does need to settle it. It can be settled by anyone willing to pay the gas fee (transaction fee) to settle. The button says “Start The Next Auction” in this case and all you have to do is click that and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Once the auction is settled, the token you won will be released from the auction house and sent to your wallet. Congratulations! You’re now the proud new owner of your first DAO membership token.


Join The Community

There’s many ways to join the community and you don’t even need a token to do so! But since you do have one, you might want to follow relevant accounts on Twitter and join the Alps DAO Discord. You’ll find a verifcation channel in there where you can link your wallet up and get special roles granted only to token holders. These roles will give you access to the holder only channels. But you’re more than welcome to hang out in any of the public channels too of course! No token needed.

Some recommended Twitter follows:



Anyone can participate in a DAO! You don’t even need to be a member to contribute. The best way to learn more is to engage in the community and get a feel for everything that is going on. There’s a lot of helpful people and we’re more than happy to help you if you have any questions. Just find us in the Alps Discord, catch some daily twitter spaces at The Noun Square and tell us how you found your way into the nouniverse!


The nounish alpine lifestyle club with a shared treasury.

We like the altitude.

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